PNG Industrial Connection Process :

  •  Surevy In The Planned Area.
  •  Meeting the Customer
  • Understanding the needs and requirements Of customer
  •  Filling of Demand Assessment Sheet (DAS)
  •  Forwarding the DAS to Planning Team
  •  Survery of Planning Team to Customer Premises for connection charges.
  •  Planning team confirms the connection charges
  •  Forwarding the connection Charges to Customer
  •  Connection Charges – Acceptance/Rejection
  •  Sending the Draft Copy of GSA to customer
  •  Solving/Answering the Query of cutomer regarding the GSA Clauses
  •  Printing Of GSA for signing with customer
  •  GSA Signing
  •  Collecting 30% of connection charges from customer
  •  Confirming of agreement with customer to planning for ordering MRS
  •  Collecting 40% of connection charges from customer at the time of pipeline laying
  •  MRS receiving at customer premises
  • Completion of upstream work upto customer premises (Meter location)
  •  Completion of downstream work from customer side (from meter to burning point)
  •  Collecting required documents from customer towards downstream work

1)     Internal Piping Test Certificates

2)      Test Certificates of all fittings (valves/ pressure gauges/ regulators etc.)

3)      3rd Party Pressure Testing Certificate for internal piping work

4)      Internal Piping Layout Diagram (showing all fittings up to final user point) inside the customer’s     premise

5)   A copy of the letter informing health & safety directorate with piping layout diagram inside the     premise

6)     A letter by customer indemnifying MNGL against any kind of loss in case of leakage in internal piping
Receiving the 30% balance connection charges from customer before charging..

  •  Commissioning