Piped Natural Gas (PNG):

A SAFE HOME, A GREENER PLANET! Fuel for kitchen with absolute comfort.

Natural gas has come a long way from being an unused byproduct to a preferred fuel, today. It has the advantage of being a clean and an environment friendly fuel with better heat efficiencies and is widely distributed geographically.

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is used as a fuel by the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sector.

Benefits of PNG:

PNG offers the convenience of ensuring 24x7 uninterrupted supplies at all times, saving on the hassle of booking cylinders i.e. complete logistics for sourcing the necessary fuel.

Domestic and Commercial consumers can save their valuable time spent in booking LPG Cylinder refills, waiting for the deliveryman and the hassles of connecting & disconnecting the LPG Cylinder. Further, space occupied by LPG Cylinders is saved, and can be put to an alternate use.

Industrial consumers have the added advantage of not having to deal with fuel pilferage, greasy spillage, soot or ash associated with fuel burning besides saving on the complete cycle of sourcing, storing and stock accounting of the fuel, as in the case of conventional fuels likes HSD, LDO, Naptha, LSHS, Coal etc.
Better heat efficiency, uninterrupted availability and economical benefits make PNG popular fuel over other conventional fuel.

Safest Fuel:

Natural gas is lighter than air and in the unlikely event of leakage, it just disperses into air, given adequate ventilation.

Cost Effective Fuel Solution:

PNG is competitive to domestic LPG and other industrial fuels like HSD/LSHS/LDO/FO/Naphtha. PNG is one of the cheapest and cleanest fuels for use by the power sector.

A domestic/commercial/industrial consumer pays upfront for the price of LPG Cylinder/ other liquid fuels, whereas, in the case of PNG, the billing cycle is usually monthly/ ones in two months. This saves on working capital for the commercial sector. Industrial consumer saves on product losses, usually incurred on account of spillage in the case of liquid fuels like HSD & LDO etc. as payment is done for the quantity delivered, whereas for PNG, payment is made for actual usage.

PNG being a cleaner fuel saves on the maintenance cost as against conventional fuels since there is not soot/ ash accumulation or greasy spillages.